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Best Practices

‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†Axium, MiPacs, and group file shares

Use Dentistry remote connections 

  • Students use a ‚Äúremote APPs‚ÄĚ connection
  • Staff/faculty use a ‚Äúvirtual desktop‚ÄĚ connection
  • Connect, do your task, save it, and disconnect
  • Session will time-out after inactivity
  • Bookmarks, email signatures are not saved

‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†Office 365

Use for almost everything else...

  • Download and install Office 365 to your personal computers, laptops and devices
  • Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on¬†your laptop, OR web-versions of these APPs available via your web version of Outlook
  • Use Teams for chat, video conferencing, group projects, group file editing and reviewing
  • Outlook for email and group shared email accounts
  • "University of Toronto - One Drive"¬†move files you are currently working with here

Download Office 365 free and on 5 devices! 



‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†Axium and MiPacs

I need to use Axium, MiPacs? 

Students use Dentistry remote "APPS" connection and launch these applications for the session.

I need to transfer files to Axium from my home computer

Move these files to your "University of Toronto - One Drive".  Establish a Dentistry connection via remote "APPS" launch Chrome from the connection.  Type in and then press the "waffle" in the upper right of the screen.  Press "University of Toronto - One Drive" and download the files you need.  These files can now be accessed. 

‚ėĎÔłŹ Dentistry Files

The files I have created have identifiable patient information?

Establish a Dentistry remote "APPS" connection and edit these files during the session.

I need to view files from "student resources"?

Establish a Dentistry remote "APPS" connection and open the files using the "File Explorer" app to navigate to this shared folder


‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†School work

I don't have Word, Excel or PowerPoint on my computer at home?

You can Download Office 365 on up to 5 devices.  If the computer at home is one you don't normally use, establish a connection to your U of T email account and from here use the Web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint access files from your "University of Toronto - One Drive".  

I have project work with other students or Faculty members?

Download Office 365 to your home computer.  Use Teams to meet and coordinate your project. Use Word, Excel and PowerPoint web versions online to jointly edit shared files. Use Teams to share files and upload any needed files from your "University of Toronto - One Drive" to Teams to share them.

I would like to make a study group for my course in Quercus?  

From your Quercus course use Teams directly to create your own group to collaborate - chat, share files, screen share, video conference, study together!





I need images from MiPacs, or screen captures from Axium to put in my PowerPoint lecture?

Connect to Dentistry using "Virtual Desktop", do screen captures, or download images from MiPacs.  Move these to your "OneDrive U of T"

I need to edit or create a new lecture?

It is not recommended to use PowerPoint from a Dentistry remote connection. Download Office 365 to your home computer.  Use PowerPoint on your home computer.  Save the file to your "University of Toronto - One Drive".  Upload the file to Quercus from your OneDrive.

I would like to work off-line?

Use Office 365 installed on your laptop, use Word, Excel. PowerPoint, and even Outlook.  Use "University of Toronto - One Drive". Put "working" files that you need for the time off-line in the One Drive.  Give these a file name like document v1 so you will know this is the latest version. When you are back on-line copy these new versions back to your Dentistry directories.


I need to have a Video conference meeting?

Download Office 365 to your home computer.  Use Teams on your home computer. In Teams go to icon with your initials, upper right side. Choose Settings, then Devices.  Check that your camera, audio and microphone are working. Teams is NOT available with a Dentistry Remote connection.

I want a phone conference?

If it is only with two other people - Use your Dentistry VoIP phone number with your Communicator App and do a "three-way" call.  If all the people are within U of T, use Teams as you would with at Video conference, but use Audio only. 

‚ėĎÔłŹ Administrative work

I need to access to my Dentistry phone number 

DO NOT use a Dentistry remote connection - there is no sound. Download the communicator app to your home computer.  Type you phone number, (416846XXXX), in the "user name" area. Enter your communicator password.  Press "Forgot password", if needed, where user name is 416846XXXX. 

I need to sign a document with a digital signature from home

IITS recommends that you create an eToken, (certificate), based digital signature for U of T related business.  If you have been requested to do this, you will an eToken, Acrobat DC, (free), and install the SafeNet client on your home computer.

I need to access a shared email, (e.g. Oral surgery email)

Download Office 365 to your home computer.  Use Outlook on your home computer.  Once you have setup Outlook on your home computer, the shared email will appear on the side window below your email account.  If for some reason they do not appear, you can always use the web version of Outlook to connect. 

‚ėĎÔłŹ Productivity

I need to go between Outlook, Word and Excel and most of these files are in Dentistry shared directories

In this case a Dentistry "Virtual Desktop" connection might be best.  Save often.  Try and finish one task at a time and then close these files because the session will log you off after 20 minutes of inactivity.  For example, if you go for an hour lunch, your session will close and you will need to establish the session again and open all the files you were working on again.