Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

  • You will receive an automated email from Quercus once you have been added as an Instructor to your course shell.
  • Click on ACCEPT for access to your course shell.
  • You can then login to Quercus to work on your course.
  • Make sure you are in Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
    Do not use Internet Explore ā€“ not compatible
  • Type or paste this link http://toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca/
  • Click on the red button ā€“ Log into Quercus
  • Sign in using your UTorid and password

As a Course Director, on your Dashboard in Quercus you will find your active course shell(s) and a course shell called Sandbox.

  • The Dashboard is an area where you can easily see and access your active course shell(s)
  • A Sandbox in Quercus is an area that has been assigned to Course Directors across campus.Ā  This is where you can play, explore and get to know Quercus without impacting the content of your course shell.
  • There is one Sandbox per Course Director

The University has lots of information about Quercus.Ā  Here are a few links if you are justĀ gettingĀ started and need to learn how to use Quercus:

The University has a dedicated division to support teaching and course design calledĀ Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation.