How do I add referrals to the Patient Information window?

Please follow these steps:

  • Select the patient from Rolodex
  • Click on the ‘Patient Card’ icon
  • Click on the Patient’s ‘Physician’ section
  • Click on ‘By’ under the referrals box
  • Click on the ellipses (‘…’) to the right of ‘Referred By’
  • Type in the name of the DDS student. Typing an underscore (‘_’) will display the entire list
  • To select a DDS student, double-click on their name
  • Click on the ‘Add a New Record’ icon
  • Close the window.

If you wish to add a new DDS student to the list, follow the steps above, except instead of searching for a name or typing an underscore, select the Create a New Record icon, fill in the information, and click ‘Save.’