What is VoIP and what will it look like?

VoIP is a way of using your network cable to send and receive the sounds of your voice, or Voice over IP.  Rather than using a phone line it uses a network cable.  It is all digital, so it is great for networking and integration with other technologies.

At Dentistry we have two forms of VoIP. 

The first is a VoIP Phone, which is a device that looks like a traditional phone.  It is often called a "hard phone" because it is a physical piece of hardware:  

Polycom 311 phone

The second way we use VoIP is with a piece of software on your computer that "acts" like a phone. The software is called Communicator 7: 

The Communicator 7 Application          Logitech Headset

You may see this pop up on our computer desktop. You login using your username which is your new VoIP phone number. We provide a "headset" that has a microphone and headphone so you can hear and receive sound.  The combination of software on your computer and the headset are often called a "soft" phone because it is software based.

Most staff at Dentistry will receive a softphone using COMMUNICATOR 7 with a LOGITECH headset.  Most reception areas will receive a POLYCOM 311 hard phone.