Electronic Health Record Chart Add

The Chart Add video will teach you when and how to use the Chart Add tab. The Chart Add tab is used to add treatments for a patient which is similar to the Tx Planning module with a few important differences. Watch the video above and follow along with the instructions listed here:

  • Select Patient day research from your personal rolodex.
  • Click on the Electronic Health Record icon.
  • Click on the chart add tab, this is the folder with the plus sign to the right of the odontogram.
  • Make sure dental Treatments is selected and click on the restorative category.
  • Under the quick list , select on code 27211 PFM crown, notice the pen beside this code.
  • Click on site 46 on the odontogram.
  • Add this item by clicking on the add planned tx button.
  • Click on the add button.
  • Click on the blue box on the main axium window.
  • Select the PFM crown and the lab.
  • Ask your instructor to approve.
  • Both items now appear in black.
  • The procedure will be added to the treatment history tab and in the progress tab.
  • Click on the Treatment history tab now.
  • Click on the estimate icon which is the yellow icon in the bottom. Here you can view the cost of all the procedure that you have added.
  • Click on the PFM corn.
  • Click on the PFM corn lab. The total cost appears at the bottom of the screen.