Electronic Health Record Odontogram

The Electronic Health Record, commonly known as the EHR is one of the most frequently used modules in AxiUm with various tabs and subtabs. That's why we've divided the EHR tutorials into different sections to make them easier to understand. Watch the video above and follow along with the instructions listed here:

  • Select Patient from your personal Rolodex.
  • Select tooth: 22.
  • Right click and select age change.
  • Select tooth 44.
  • Right click and select missing.
  • Click on tooth 41 for this example.
  • Right click and select tooth notes conditions.
  • Click on the Add a new Note icon on the top.
  • Select tooth 28.
  • Right click and select Show tooth history
  • Select tooth 46.
  • Right click and select tooth details.
  • Right click and select view tooth.
  • Click on this icon now,
  • Click on the “add new” button. Your general note will then appear on the treatment history window,
  • By clicking on the print button, you can click any selected tab.