The Messenger tutorial will demonstrate where you’ll find important email messages from the Clinic Office, Program Directors and Administration Staff. You may use this module to contact each other as well. Email messages will be generated automatically each time a new patient is assigned to you. Watch the video above and follow along with the instructions listed here:

  • Click on the message icon now.
  • Double click on the last message by Markia Banfi which is at the very bottom of your list.
  • Click on the forward button now.
  • Click on the three dots to the right of the “To” field to find the recipient.
  • Type Banfi in the Criteria box and click on column header “Member Name”.
  • Double click on the first option.
  • Type young in the criteria box.
  • Double click on Instructor Steven Young.
  • Select Marika Banfi from your recipients’ list. Now click on the left pointing arrow.
  • Select the send button and this message will be sent only to Steven Young.