How do I fax using a printer?

These are the steps to fax from the faculty printers:

  • Press the fax icon on the printer, (not all printers support faxing and therefore some will not have a fax icon)
  • NOTE: You must have long distance privileges, (a code), to fax outside the area code
  • for a LOCAL fax, enter 9 + (area code) + (fax number)
  • for a LONG DISTANCE fax, enter 8 + 1 + (area code) + (fax number) + (four || keys*) + (your long distance code)  *|| is the "pause" button on the printer, that looks like two small lines
  • The fax does NOT issue a printed confirmation, but you can listen for a connection and answer from the device to confirm transmission
  • You will be issued a printed report if the fax was NOT successful
  • if you have any issues faxing, please email the IITS helpdesk at