Frequently Asked Questions

There are two methods of changing or resetting your DentID password.

1. Use a Dentistry computer:

  • Logon to a Dentistry computer, press CONTROL+ALT+DELETE and you will see an option to change your password.
  • Your password must be a minimum of 10 digits long with upper case, lower case letters, and numbers.
  • You cannot use a previous password.


2. From the IITS website:

  • You can enroll in the DentID password recovery service or reset your password here.
  •  If you do not know your password click on the “Forgot your Password” option and follow the instructions that will be presented to you on the screen.
  • Once enrolled in the service, you will be able to change/reset your password by being asked specific identifying questions that you filled out when you enrolled into the service. Once you answer these questions correctly the service will allow you to reset your password.
  •  It is STRONGLY recommended that you take the time to enroll with this tool, as password resets will not be available personally at the IITS help desk or after normal working hours.