Frequently Asked Questions

  • OneDrive is a Microsoft product that allows you to store files in the "cloud".¬†
  • You can easily access files from almost any device that has an internet connection¬†
  • "OneDrive - University of Toronto"¬†¬†is an¬†excellent choice for working files, or project files that you will want to access from home.
  • Windows 10 included Microsoft OneDrive - this is only available to you from a Microsoft account and is not connected to¬†"OneDrive - University of Toronto"¬†
  • If you already have your own personal Microsoft account, you will now have two "OneDrive"s!
  • You will have to decide how to best organize your files and may consider just using one account
  • The Faculty of Dentistry is a medical institution and therefore great caution should be used with any Patient records¬†
  • The University has guidelines to help¬†you decide what is not appropriate for OneDrive, please take a look in order to protect privacy and reduce the risks.
  • Please do not post any Level 4 information into "OneDrive - University of Toronto", (This includes Patient Information)

More information and helpful links:

U of T Enterprise Application and Solutions Integration 

U of T Information Commons


We recommend you use Teams.  All of the features of Skype have been integrated into Teams.  If you are familiar with Skype you will find Team easy to start using.

Here's why:

  • Teams has the advantage of access the all your contacts including the U of T published contacts.¬†
  • Often the need to have a "virtual" meeting is with members in your work circle, where you are likely a member in a TEAM's group anyway.¬†
  • Teams is integrated with Outlook and the other Office 365 apps that you are likely using anyway.
  • It is free and fully support by the University

If there are files on your recently used list that you'd like to remove, simply right-click them and choose Remove from list.


For an example please click here.




Teams Meeting Guides

Topic covered:

  1. What to expect 
  2. Teams Meeting etiquette
  3. How to join a meeting
  4. Joining the meeting - your settings
  5. In the meeting - your controls
  6. Other Resources

Teams meetings types 

Teams - General meeting guide

Teams - Quick guide


There are many resources for learning about Microsoft TEAMS.  Here are some useful links:

From Microsoft:

Teams videos

Quick Start video

Managing Meetings

From Linkedin Learning:

Essential Teams

Tips and Tricks

To remove the address book cache start typing out the name of the account and select the x on the right side of the name you want to remove.


If you would like to change your display name in office 365 please click on:

Please see the attached PDF documents prepared by the University of Toronto for specific information or call the University of Toronto central Help Desk at 416-978-HELP if you are experiencing difficulty.

With a web browser go to and log in with your University of Toronto username and password.