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If you want to make complex changes to a digital photograph you can either use a specific image manipulation software such as Gimp, XnView, Inkscape or Photoshop Elements. Or, for simple changes (brightness/contrast/cropping/colour adjustments) you can use features within an existing software such as the Microsoft Office. Please see the links below that offer instruction on a variety of image adjustments.











This tutorial will show you how to copy a list of e-mails from excel to outlook.

  • Click on a column in excel by pressing 'Ctrl+a'.
  • Right click on the selected e-mails and press copy.
  • Goto Outlook and in the to field paste the e-mails by pressing 'Ctrl+v'.

This tutorial will outline how to edit adobe PDFs.

First step is to make sure your using adobe acrobat 10 pro. Acrobat pro can be distinguished by a white icon and the normal reader by a red one. To launch the program select the start icon and search for 'adobe x pro'.  Another method is right clicking on PDF and select 'open with' then select the acrobat with the white icon.

Once you open the PDF if you can select the text then it is editable. To continue,

  • Select tools then content.
  • Select edit document text.
  • Now you can edit the text.

Note: You may see warning, the warning means fonts might not be availabe and will use a substitute.

Please review the following attachments for Office 2013 training materials:
Click here for Word 2013 Videos
Click here for PowerPoint videos
Click here for Excel 2013 Videos

Before we introduce new software at the Faculty we test it thoroughly, to ensure compatibility with our computing environment. To request new software, please submit a software installation request here