Frequently Asked Questions

A quick video introduction to the Dental Procedure Education System (DPES) for students.

This tutorial will show you how to copy a list of e-mails from excel to outlook.

  • Click on a column in excel by pressing 'Ctrl+a'.
  • Right click on the selected e-mails and press copy.
  • Goto Outlook and in the to field paste the e-mails by pressing 'Ctrl+v'.

This tutorial will outline how to edit adobe PDFs.

First step is to make sure your using adobe acrobat 10 pro. Acrobat pro can be distinguished by a white icon and the normal reader by a red one. To launch the program select the start icon and search for 'adobe x pro'.  Another method is right clicking on PDF and select 'open with' then select the acrobat with the white icon.

Once you open the PDF if you can select the text then it is editable. To continue,

  • Select tools then content.
  • Select edit document text.
  • Now you can edit the text.

Note: You may see warning, the warning means fonts might not be availabe and will use a substitute.

In collaboration with faculty and staff, we produce interactive course material. Please submit a help desk ticket by emailing and include as much information about the project as possible. After reviewing your ticket, we’ll contact you to book a time to discuss your proposed project.

Please note that we cannot guarantee commitment to all projects submitted. Initiation and completion of interactive projects depend largely on a project’s scope and timelines. In certain cases, you may need to find resources outside of the Faculty.

We have video equipment available on loan, including:

  • A wireless production microphone and receiver
  • A tripod
  • A consumer model digital video camera

A well-placed video can enrich many PowerPoint presentations. If you would like to include video in your presentation, please view our guide below to linking videos from a file, or – if internet connectivity is guaranteed – hyperlinking to a video on the web.

As long as this project is not a DPES production, you may book a recording for a short video clip by emailing with as much information as possible. We’ll then contact you, and book a time to discuss your proposed project. Because of the time and resources involved in video production, please be aware that last-minute requests may not be accommodated.

In order to book a surgery recording, please email with details such as date and time, procedure, surgeon name, instructor name, and location of the surgery.

The operatory in Room 340 must be booked for all surgical videos. This is the only location with a ceiling-mounted camera with remote access for camera control.

The DPES patient videos educate patients about dental procedures using plain language. These videos are available on the Patient Information site, which is easily accessible and searchable by the public.

The DPES student videos describe procedures in more detail, providing a concise visual overview of a procedure from beginning to end. These videos are available to students, faculty and staff at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Collaboratively producing a DPES production often follows these steps:

  • The first step towards creating a DPES project involves writing an article, reviewed by two of your peers
  • We will then take this article and create a script to be used for production, which we’ll submit to you, for your review
  • Depending on the subject, we may create two scripts – one for patients, one for students. We may also create a script for either patients or students
  • Production could involve either video and animation, or a fully animated production
  • We will record the narration, edit it all together, and once the final edit is approved, the video and article will be posted onto the DPES sites

If you are interested in producing a DPES project, please email, describing the procedure featured in your project. After reviewing your idea, we will contact you to discuss your proposed project.

Faculty of Dentistry staff and students can find dental procedural videos on the DPES (Dental Procedural Education System) page of the IITS (Information and Instructional Technology Services) here. DPES videos can be filtered by specialty, or searched by keywords.

Find videos tailored the general public on the DPES page on the Patient Information site, here.