Frequently Asked Questions

It is a common practice to use cloud-based storage services to share documents and collaborate with others. While there are a number of free cloud-based storage services available, the only one currently supported at the Faculty of Dentistry is has completed an information risk assessment and it has been determined that this service is suitable for general file-sharing collaboration when there is a need to collaborate with peers outside of the Faculty of Dentistry. Please note that we only recommend this service for general file sharing and collaboration. For clinical files, we have an in-house secure managed file transfer service called DentDox. Finally, you should always be using your Faculty of Dentistry provisioned storage resources as the main location to store your documents on a daily basis.  For more information, or to discuss the most appropriate file storage solution for your particular scenario, please contact the IITS help desk and we will be happy to advise you correctly.


Email is not considered a secure means to transfer confidential documents between the Faculty and external healthcare providers in the circle of a patient's care. For this purpose, the Faculty of Dentistry has provisioned DentDox, which is a secure managed file transfer service that encrypts files at rest and in transit through a password protected portal. 

Below, you can access a range of instructional materials, including a password reset guide, and a guide to sending and receiving documents with secured parties:

How to download files from DentDox

How to reset your password (Non UofT accounts)

How to send documents to external people

How to setup external accounts

How users can send you files securely using Request Files