Frequently Asked Questions

This tutorial will outline how to print a powerpoint presentation to PDF.

  • Click on the file menu item.
  • Then the print tab.
  • Make sure Adobe PDF is selected.
  • Choose where you want to save the file then save.

If your printer is missing from your desktop computer follow the instructions below to add it back.



If BW is listed under Unspecified or under printers and will not print, please right click on it and click on
remote Device.

If this is not possible, you can manually add them with the following procedure:

1. Go to control panel and chose devices and printers

2. On the top left click on add printer

3. Then press the following option:

4. The following will show up, please choose find a printer in the directory, based on the location
or feature:

5. Click on BW printer. Make sure to set it as the default printer.

These are the steps to fax from the faculty printers:

  • Press the fax icon on the printer, (not all printers support faxing and therefore some will not have a fax icon)
  • NOTE: You must have long distance privileges, (a code), to fax outside the area code
  • for a LOCAL fax, enter 9 + (area code) + (fax number)
  • for a LONG DISTANCE fax, enter 8 + 1 + (area code) + (fax number) + (four || keys*) + (your long distance code)  *|| is the "pause" button on the printer, that looks like two small lines
  • The fax does NOT issue a printed confirmation, but you can listen for a connection and answer from the device to confirm transmission
  • You will be issued a printed report if the fax was NOT successful
  • if you have any issues faxing, please email the IITS helpdesk at

You can, but there are often fees involved, and turn-around times may vary. Please drop by the IITS Front Desk (Room 346) or contact In your email, please provide the following information:

  • Your role at the faculty
  • The number of scans required
  • Clarification as to whether the scans are for publication or for a PowerPoint presentation
  • The deadline for completion of your scan

Once we have assessed your request, we will provide a quote for this service.

Please follow these steps:

  • Insert the USB drive into the printer
  • A new window will then pop up, requesting that you present your access card
  • Swipe your access card
  • The printer will open now your USB drive. You will see a dialogue box on the screen, asking if you want to scan to your USB drive
  • You can then scan a document to your USB drive

You can only scan to e-mail contacts with either a, or e-mail address. Click the email icon on the printer.
Place the document on the scanner, and type in the email address you’d like your document sent to. Once your document has been emailed, you’ll have the option to scan another document if required.

The Faculty of Dentistry provides a fleet of multi-function printers to meet all of the Faculty's document management requirements. Printing via the Dentistry network requires the following:

  • An active Dentistry Account
  • A valid Dentistry ID badge, which can be obtained from the IITS office in Room 346

You can print from any Dentistry managed computer, or you can install the small print utility described below to print from any laptop computer running either Windows or Mac:

Dentistry Remote Print Utility – Windows:

Simply download, extract and launch the correct installer for your system (available below). You will then have an available printer called “BW.”

[x32 bit client]
[x64 bit client]

Dentistry Remote Print Utility – MacOSX: (requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later)

If you own a Mac computer please download the printer "driver".

Dentistry Remote Print Utility for Mac OS


Below are the files you’ll need for installation: