Frequently Asked Questions

If you lost your card you can follow the link below.




  • Mobile printing is a way for you to be able to print from your devices to Dentistry printers
  • Mobile printing uses a print management software called "PaperCut"
  • It is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Chrome Books.¬†

You need to install a "client" on your device that will connect to PaperCut:

Client requirements:

  • iOS 11.0+ (iPhone)
  • macOS X 10.12+ (Sierra) 64-bit (MacBook)
  • Windows 7+
  • Android 4.4+
  • Chrome OS with Chrome version 43+

When asked about a username and password, Please use your Dentid.

Example: Dentistry\DENTid and the password that you use to login to the machines here at the faculty.




Please review the attached document below for detailed instruction on how to use Papercut:

  • From any Dentistry computer you will automatically see a "printer" called:¬† BW Queue
  • The BW Queue is a queue for collecting all the black and white print jobs
  • These print jobs are held until you request that they be released
  • Prints can be release at any printer in the Faculty
  • If you do not release a print job it is deleted after 3 hours
  • Prints are released by tapping your ID Badge on the card reader of a printer
  • You can choose to print all of the print jobs you have sent or pick and choose

No, you will not need to get a new card. The same card you used for printing before will work with the new print system.

Please review the attached document for detailed instructions on how to select a printer as your default setting. 

All of the new printers have a new network address, which will require that you add the printer location in Axium from your computer in order to scan a document into Axium. Please review the document below for detailed instructions.

Please see the guide below for more information on how to use webprint.


Please note that this is a quick way for you to print a PDF's and other picture files from your laptop or desktop machine. Mobile print has much more flexability for what files it can print for you.

You can, but there are often fees involved, and turn-around times may vary. Please drop by the IITS Front Desk (Room 346) or contact In your email, please provide the following information:

  • Your role at the faculty
  • The number of scans required
  • Clarification as to whether the scans are for publication or for a PowerPoint presentation
  • The deadline for completion of your scan

Once we have assessed your request, we will provide a quote for this service.