Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Faculty! Please contact us at or drop by Room 346 to activate your Dentistry Network account. Once we have created your Faculty of Dentistry username and password, please drop by our office to schedule your ID badge photograph - you’ll need to have this ID badge on you at all times.  


The clinic office processes all requests for clinical records. Please contact Silvia Fontes at to request copies of clinical photos.

Due to privacy concerns, ID photos are only sent to the subject of each photo.

You can! Simply send a request to, and we’ll email the digital copy of your ID portrait to you.

Please drop by Room 346 to request a replacement. The ID badge replacement fee is $15 dollars plus HST.

We do! Passport photography turn-around time depends on studio availability and staff workload. The fee is $10 dollars + HST. Please contact us to book an appointment, either by dropping by Room 346 or emailing

Specialized techniques, equipment and lighting are often necessary to document visual output from research projects. If you’d like help documenting an aspect of your research using photography, please contact us to book a consultation.

Yes! You may book a quick instructional session with an IITS staff member. Please contact us at, drop by Room 346, to schedule your session.

Clinical photography is a highly specialized field, requiring very specific camera equipment. Choosing the right equipment helps ensure the best photos possible for treatment planning. Click on the PDF below for an updated list of camera recommendations.

We have an extensive stock photography archive for your needs. Simply contact us at to book an appointment.

Yes we can! Arrange a booking by contacting us at, or by dropping by the IITS Office in Room 346. Please book group photos or event photography well in advance. Typically, we do not provide media support for events outside of the faculty building, but we do have a number of event-related promotional poster templates available. See the Layout, Design and 3D Modeling Questions section for more information.

To book a patient for clinical photographs, please follow these steps:

  • Check IITS studio availability in axiUm, and then contact us to book an appointment during the next available time. You can schedule your appointment in person at the IITS Office in Room 346, or by emailing your request to
  • Locate the patient’s Patient Requisition and Release Form, which was included in the forms your patient signed upon their enrolment.
  • Drop by the IITS Office, and provide us with Patient Requisition and Release Form. We require this form at least 24 hours in advance of your patient’s booking.