Frequently Asked Questions

Attache dis the link on how to get a zoom license.

Lecture capture uses specialized hardware and software in the classroom to record PowerPoint presentations along with the synchronous audio of the instructor. There is also an option to capture a second video window for a visual recording of the instructor or to record something such as a hands-on demonstration. The recording is made available to students to review after it is processed and posted to the University’s MyMedia video streaming service.

There is some manual processing involved before the recording can be made available for review, however, you can generally expect the recording to be available within two business days.

Since there are intellectual property rights involved, the recording must be agreed to and requested directly by the instructor. Please ask your instructor if she/he is willing to submit a request to I&ITS to have a class or series of classes recorded. It is important that I&ITS receives the formal request from your instructor at least one week in advance of the class so that it can be scheduled in the system.

At least one week prior to the class, contact the I&ITS Help Desk with your request. You will be asked to fill out and sign a formal request to have a class or series of classes recorded. Once this is done we will schedule the recording(s) in the system.

Just before going to the classroom, sign out a wireless microphone from the I&ITS Help Desk. The podium microphone can also be used as long as you stay at the podium during the entire duration of the lecture.  The recording has been scheduled to start automatically at the beginning of your class and stop automatically at the end of your class so you can just deliver your presentation as you normally would. It is as simple as that!

Lecture Capture is available for the following classrooms: the auditorium, 170, 171, 216 and 360.

Please contact the I&ITS Help Desk as soon as possible and describe your problem. Let them know whether you are playing back from a Mac, PC or portable device, what browser you are using and the specific nature of the playback issue. I&ITS will try to help troubleshoot the issue and find a solution. In some cases, a recording may fail altogether, meaning it will not be available. Due to the many hardware and software components I&ITS cannot offer lecture capture as a guaranteed service, therefore, it is important to attend class even if it is being recorded for later review.