Frequently Asked Questions

  • You must decide on a appropriate name for the account based on the purpose¬†
  • Shared email accounts are created by the University and will have a suffix of to show¬†they are associated with this¬†Faculty¬†
  • By convention there is usually two titles, (names), as part of the address, separated by a dot¬†
  • Example: ortho.reception
  • Shared mailboxes must have at least one designated "owner" who is usually a Manager or Team Leader
  • The "owner" will manage who has access to the shared mailbox, when to revoke access, when to transfer access to another staff member
  • The proposed shared mailbox owner should make the request for¬†creation
  • Email: with the subject "create a shared mailbox" and include the following:
    • Owners name:
    • Owners UTORid:
    • Shared mailbox name:
    • Reason for shared mailbox:

This request will create a ticket and you will be informed when it is completed.  As the shared mailbox own, you must be willing to use a University web-based tool to manage the shared mailbox.  This is called UTORgrouper.  You will be provided with links and guides once the request is completed.

  • A shared mailbox must be "owned" by someone
  • Usually Managers or Senior Administrators will request to be "owners" of a shared mailbox
  • The owner must have the authority to designate staff that will be tasked with¬†sending, receiving and answering of the emails in this account¬†
  • In the event of a change of staff or their role the "owner" can make changes to who to add or remove having access to the mailbox as might be necessary¬†
  • The owner can decide if they want multiple staff having access or just one¬†
  • An email account for a group, unit, or "department" as you designate that needs to share sending and receiving of emails.¬†
  • Example:¬†
  • The email account has a "mailbox" where the email is stored and is accessible to designated people.¬†
  • Such¬†people can send an email on behalf of the group email and can open, view, organized and even delete emails from the shared mailbox.¬†¬†

To remove the address book cache start typing out the name of the account and select the x on the right side of the name you want to remove.


I have been asked to manage an email account, and have been given the rights to do so, how to I send a email message from this account?

  1. If you have been given "full access" to the other email account, it will automatically show up under your personal email account in outlook.
  2. If you have been given only "send as" rights the email account will not be displayed.

Please refer to this guide to add the "from" field to an email so it will appear as if it is from the other email account you have been askd to manage:

To access email from home, or anywhere:

  1. Use any web browser (chrome, firefox, etc.) to access a web version of Outlook.  In the web address area type: and press return. 
  2. You will be taken to the University of Toronto authentication page
  3. Enter your UTORid and password (Remember this is NOT your Dentistry password)
  4. When you are finishing, completely close the web browser for security

This tutorial will show you how to copy a list of e-mails from excel to outlook.

  • Click on a column in excel by pressing 'Ctrl+a'.
  • Right click on the selected e-mails and press copy.
  • Goto Outlook and in the to field paste the e-mails by pressing 'Ctrl+v'.

If you are a new student you will be provided with an activation letter

If you are a new staff member HR will provide you with an activation letter

The activation letter will have your UTORid and a secret activation code needed to created your account.

With this letter in hand, Click this link and enter the above information and follow the step-by-step guide to activating and setting up your UTORid and email account. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Look below your Inbox to find the 'deleted items' folder
  2. Open this and search for the deleted item
  3. If you find the items, right click on the email and choose move. This only applies if you have not purged emails from your  'deleted items' folder
  4. If you have emptied your 'deleted items' folder, you can click on "Recover Deleted Items from Server" displayed in the Home menu in Outlook
  5. A list of the items that have not been purged from the email server will show and you can press "Restore Selected Items"